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Where Are The Women?

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Posted 10/30/12 (Tue)

Where Are The Women?

Where Are the Women?

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The North Dakota Women’s Network released research highlighting the need for more women in leadership.

“Where Are the Women” is a white paper that demonstrates the value women bring to the leadership of corporations, organizations, and government. Research shows that gender balance is about more than women’s rights, it affects performance and profitability. With just one woman in statewide elective office and holding a ranking of 45th state in the nation with regard to gender balance in the state legislature, North Dakota appears to be slow to identify and take advantage of the talent women bring to the table.

The North Dakota Women’s Network releases “Where Are the Women” in an effort to bring forward the wealth of evidence that proves the need for women in leadership.


The numbers aren't entirely clear.

On May 6, 2014 the ND Governor's Office provided a report to the interim judiciary committee regarding the status of gender balance in appointments to boards and commissions. See the report here. The numbers are not as comprehensive as we would hope, but an opening exists. During testimony, there was mention of willingness to work to help improve recruitment. We'll continue to follow the developments and push for improvements and transparency.