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Legislative Updated Week 12

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Posted 3/24/17 (Fri)

Legislative Updated Week 12

Week 12 of the Legislative Session


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The funding bills for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners and Human Trafficking victim services still need support from the House Appropriations committee.


Please contact members of House Appropriations and kindly ask them to support 2191 and 2203 at the full request.


jdelzer@nd.gov; kkempenich@nd.gov; tboe@nd.gov; rboehning@nd.gov; rbrabandt@nd.gov; mbrandenburg@nd.gov; ldelmore@nd.gov; rholman@nd.gov; tkading@nd.gov; gkreidt@nd.gov; bmartinson@nd.gov; lmeier@nd.gov; dmonson@nd.gov; mrnathe@nd.gov; jonelson@nd.gov; cpollert@nd.gov; masanford@nd.gov; mischatz@nd.gov; jeschmidt@nd.gov; rstreyle@nd.gov; dwvigesaa@nd.gov



SB 2191 Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Funding


  • If passed SB 2191 will provide continuation grant funding for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) in the amount of $250,000.


  • A sexual assault nurse examiner, or SANE, is a registered nurse who has been specially trained in the care of the sexual assault victim. A SANE program primarily focuses on the care of the sexual assault victim, always striving to help those victims begin their healing process while at the same time ensuring the forensic evidence is maintained.


  • From February through December 2016, SANE was able to serve 191 victims of sexual assault from the funding provided through 2015 legislation for SANE funding. 2191 would allow continuation of these crucial services. 


SB 2203 Human Trafficking Victim Services Funding


  • If passed, SB 2203 will create an ongoing appropriation for human trafficking victim services, which is currently proposed for $500,000.


  • In 2016, service providers directly served 79 victims of human trafficking. 75 of those victims were U.S. Citizens or legal permanent residents, and 4 were foreign national victims. 66 of them experienced sex trafficking, 3 experienced labor trafficking, and 9 were victims of both. 26 victims were minors.


  • Clients were provided with housing, personal items, financial assistance, medical services, mental health services, advocacy and case managements, emotional and moral support, legal services, protection and safety planning and other services.



On the federal level, the House has moved the probable vote on the repeal and replace of the ACA to today. It appears Republican leadership is struggling to get the votes they need. Keep the pressure up!  The replacement is an unacceptable move for health care in our country.  In an attempt to gain more votes from the far right faction in the House, they made the bill even worse by eliminating maternity coverage as an essential benefit. They did that without any input from women! We must oppose this bill.  Contact Representative Kevin Cramer at 202-225-2611 and tell him to vote