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Legislative Update - week 5

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Posted 2/06/15 (Fri)

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This past week was one of the busiest of the session thus far. On Monday alone, we had 10 of the bills we were following up for hearing. This next week, we have 10 for the full week.

Join us this week for our videoconference Saturday morning at 9am CT. We’ll have Christina Sambor of FUSE to give an update on the legislation regarding Human Trafficking. The link to join the call is below. Email if you prefer having a call-in number for the conference.


A number of the bills we’ve worked on in the House Industry, Business and Labor committee have been faring rather well.

1257 – The update of the gender equal pay law has received a unanimous do pass recommendation form the committee and should be heard by the full House as soon as today. We anticipate this will pass, but we encourage you to contact your Representatives to ensure a yes vote.

1294 – The bill prohibiting employers from retaliating against employees who discuss their pay has passed the house by a vote of 65-25

1463 – This bill was to ensure businesses provide reasonable accommodation for pregnant women and has received a Do Pass recommendation of 13-1-1. The bill will likely be in front of the full House for a vote next week.

Legislation regarding Medicaid expansion for family planning (1295) and pregnant women (1291) are still in committee and we await their recommendation. Contact the House Human Services to ask for a do pass recommendation. Or connect to this handy action alert from our friends at Planned Parenthood.

House Human Services is also considering a bill to allow minors to consent to receive medical care resulting from rape (1314). This is important to ensure minors are able to receive the care they need without having to ask their parents’ permission.   

Human Trafficking Legislation has been faring even better. All bills that have unanimous do pass recommendations. Some have also passed – 1347 passed unanimously in the House yesterday. The victim services funding bill will be heard in Senate Appropriations on Monday, February 9th at 10:45. Tune into the videoconference tomorrow to get a comprehensive update of these bills.

Hearing of interest happening next week:

02/09/2015 09:00 AM 

HCR 3027

A concurrent resolution urging Congress to increase the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour by 2018. 

House Industry, Business and Labor 

Peace Garden 

02/09/2015 10:45 AM 

SB 2199

A BILL for an Act to provide an appropriation to the department of human services for a human trafficking victims treatment and support services pilot project; and to provide for a report to the legislative management. 

Senate Appropriations 


02/10/2015 02:00 PM 

SB 2253

A BILL for an Act to provide an appropriation to the department of human services for expanding the healthy families home visitation program. 

Senate Appropriations 


02/12/2015 09:30 AM 

HB 1361

Relating to legislative management review of boards and commissions. 

House Political Subdivisions 


02/12/2015 02:30 PM 

HB 1302

Relating to eligibility to vote; to amend and reenact section 16.1-02-05, subsection 9 of section 16.1-02-12, and sections 16.1-02-13, 16.1-05-04, 16.1-05-07, and 16.1-07-06 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to eligibility to vote; and to provide a penalty. 

House Government and Veterans Affairs 

Fort Union 

02/13/2015 08:30 AM 

HB 1387

Relating to parking on the capitol grounds for employees with infants. 

House Government and Veterans Affairs 

Fort Union