Legislative Update Week 15

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Posted 4/13/17 (Thu)

Legislative Update Week 15

Week 15 of the Legislative Session


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This week we learned of outrageous budget actions that have slipped under nearly everyone’s radar.


The state's budget constraints have been hitting vital programs throughout North Dakota.


Many state employees are facing lay off and assured economic insecurity.


North Dakota faces a crisis in behavioral health services.


Property taxes are likely to increase because of shifting resources in the state.


But, the state has decided that now is the time to INCREASE funding to fake health clinics called Crisis Pregnancy Centers (page 5). The state has been taking funds from TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) to put toward these sham clinics. It has long been frustrating that the state has squandered resources for people in poverty for programs that have been shown to provide misleading information to women.  


The state plan for TANF includes significant support for pregnancy prevention and family planning, but instead of using proven effective programs like public family planning programs, the state legislature has obligated the plan to funding “Alternatives to Abortion” through these sham clinics of Crisis Pregnancy Centers.


Add your name in opposition to public funding for anti-abortion sham clinics.


Last week I mentioned we would provide a list of the vacancies in the Governor’s boards and commissions. See that list here. There are 48 openings in the Governor’s Boards and Commissions. The link to each commission is also included in that list. Consider applying for an opening or if you know of an individual that would be an exceptional representative to serve on a Board or Commission of Governor Doug Burgum, please encourage them to apply online - Application Form.  The full list of boards can be viewed at Governor's Boards & Commissions.