2019 Position Statement

Women’s Political Participation
NDWN seeks to increase women’s political participation at all levels, and advocates for:

  • Fair, clear, and accessible information for all people to exercise their right to vote

  • Recruitment of female candidates by political parties, boards, commissions, and other organizations

  • Equity in political media coverage and campaign finance

  • Reactivation and investment in the Governor’s Commission on the Status of Women

  • Activism for women’s issues at all levels of government.


Economic Fairness and Security
NDWN seeks economic parity for all women, and advocates for:

  • Awareness, enforcement and improvement of equal opportunity and employment laws

  • Equal pay for equal work, equal lending opportunities, and equal advancement in employment

  • Increased focus on family issues such as quality dependent care, preschool programs and paid family leave

  • Education and support for work force success, including nontraditional occupations

  • Policies that provide a safety net for low and moderate income individuals

  • Protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare to improve retirement security for women.


Healthcare Equity
NDWN seeks to improve all women’s health and well-being, including behavioral and reproductive health, and advocates for:

  • Full health care plan coverage, regardless of plan status, for the unique health care needs of women, including preventative screenings, vaccines, mammograms and well-woman visits

  • Expanded public health efforts to reach all at-risk, under-insured and uninsured women and link them to clinical services

  • Increased investment in health education to empower women to take an informed role in their own health and health care decisions, including the advancement and implementation of comprehensive sex education in school systems and the broader community

  • Ensuring reproductive choice, comprehensive birthing options, and full access to all reproductive health services and education


Freedom from Violence
NDWN supports efforts to provide intervention and prevention of violence against women and advocates for:

  • Violence prevention efforts involving homes, schools, workplaces, and communities

  • Support for federal and state funding for community programs that provide services to victims of violence

  • Stronger enforcement of criminal and civil laws to protect women nd hold violent offenders accountable

  • Policies and programs to address the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women crisis

  • Inclusion of services for LGBTQ+


Civil Rights
NDWN encourages a guarantee for equality, individual rights, and social justice for all members of North Dakota society and advocates:

  • Vigorous protection of and full access to civil and constitutional rights

  • Amendment of the Fair Housing and Labor law to include sexual orientation and gender identity

  • Full ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in every state, and opposes any attempts to delegitimize past ratification