ND Women's Voice Newsletters:

May 2017  includes From the Director's Desk, Member's Corner featuring Renelle Bertsch, Roller Coaster Ride for Family Planning Programs, The Importance of Indigenous Language, 2017 Voting Record for Senate and House, WE Rise 2017, Human Rights in the Legislative Session, and Women's Devising Project

Winter 2017 ​includes From the Director's Desk, Member's Corner: Featuring Emily Yanish, Native American Women and Running for Office, ​NDHA- Medicaid Expansion Factsheet, Improving Dental Access Will Continue, Voter Education in North Dakota, Women's March on Bismarck.

Summer 2016 includes Member's Spotlight on Becky Ronkowski, The Family Act Would Strengthen Families Business and the Economy, Contacting ND's Delegation, Together We Can Pull Our National Discourse Out of the Toilet, Scotus Ruling, Marsy's Law, Ready to Run, Planned Parenthood SAFE Spaces & PASE.

Januray 2016 includes a Memeber's Spotlight on Rochelle Williams, Women in the Trade, Contacting ND's Delegation, 2015 a Great Year, LGBTQ Advisory Committee, Giving Hearts Day, Ready to Run, Our Generous Donors.

Summer 2015 includes a Member Spotlight on Andy Heilmann, the passage of the Compassionate Care for Victims of Rape Bill, the 2015 ND House and Senate Voting Record, Renee Stromme's Champion of Change Award, photos from WE Rise 2015, and information on upcoming events such as the NDWN Annual Meeting and Woman of the Year Celebration, Creating Hunger Free Communities Summit, Ready to Run, and Feminist First Fridays.

February 2015 includes a Member Spotlight on Valerie Barbie-Bluemle, a Force to End Human Sexual Exploitation (FUSE), Compassionate Care for Victims of Rape, the Defeat of Measure 1, WE Rise Women's Lobby Day, NDWN's Woman of the Year search, Standing up for Women's Reproductive rights by Rep. Kathy Hawken, and Equality for Women & Families Through Legislation by Rep. Kylie Oversen. 

Fall 2014 includes North Dakotans Against Measure 1, Hunger in ND, the voter ID rules for ND, a Force to End Human Sexual Exploitation (FUSE), NDWN's Woman of the Year Kylie Oversen, and the North Dakota Economic Security and Prosperity Alliance (NDESPA).

Summer 2013 includes the 2013 legislative session voting record on bills of interest to women of ND, information about the October 19th Annual Meeting and Woman of the Year, personal stories on the negative impacts of abortion restrictions.

Winter 2013 highlights of the legislative session including Head Start and the fight against Personhood, Upcoming WE Rise event, women's wins in 2012, and generous NDWN donors.

Summer, 2012 highlights NDWN's recent report, "Where Are the Women?" and NDWN's 2012 conference and Woman of the Year celebration. Additionaly coverage on the defeat of Measure 3.

January, 2012 discusses women's 2011 accomplishments, the political gender gap, and wisdom from NDWN's 2011 Woman of the Year.

Summer, 2011 includes the voting records from the 2011 ND legistive session, highlights of events, and an overview of the Walmart v Dukes US Supreme Court Decision.

March, 2011 the newsletter focuses on WE Rise, Women Empowered: NDWN's lobby day for women.

September, 2010 articles include the North Dakota Abortion Ban Ballot Measure, ND Women's Network and Social Media, AmeriCorps VISTA and NDWN, and the Network's 4th Annual Conference.

February, 2010 articles include visiting ND Senators, Census 2010, Women in Higher Education, and introduction of the ND Fiscal Project and ND Economic Security Alliance.

September, 2009 articles include Health Care Reform, Advancing Women in Government, Women and Technology, League of Women Voters in ND, and The Group That Opened The Box.

May, 2009 articles include Transitioning from College to a Career; Women Owned Radio; The Power of WE Rise; Women's Gatherings; and more.

December, 2008 articles include WE Rise women empowered on February 11th; Let's play founding mothers; Election 2008: An awakening; and Campaign's over, so what's next?

August, 2008 articles include Threatening women's access to healthcare; Engaging young feminists; You think you can do better; and Our right and responsibility to vote.

April, 2008 articles include Prevention first act; My story about her story; Does it matter; Letter to Governor Hoeven; and Issues of importance to ND women.

February, 2008 articles include Fair pay restoration act; Taking a stand, two miles high; Engaging teens, twenty and thirty something's in public issues; Go vote, go lead, go run; and Nominations sought for woman of the year.

November, 2007 articles include Rural activism; The third wave; and NDWN membership information. 

July, 2007 articles include The Supreme court and you; Why should women run for office; Bookstore; It's a small world after all; Cooking for the community; and Woman of the year.