Woman of the Year Nomintions Due

06/13/2018   -  06/14/2018   

In the fall of 2018, the North Dakota Women's Network will once again honor a woman in our state who has given generously of her time, talent and energy to ensure a better quality of life for women in North Dakota. 


The Woman of the Year award is given in acknowledgement of the contribution she has made in her field, and to publicly show our appreciation for her efforts to improve the lives of women from all walks of life.


Do you know such a woman? Nominees should demonstrate leadership or excellence in one or more of the following criteria:


• Political advocacy for women: Inspiring women’s political participation.

• Economic self-sufficiency: Working to close the pay gap between women    
  and men and to lift women and their families out of poverty.

• Women’s health: Advocating for quality, affordable healthcare.

• Education: Supporting strong educational opportunities for women.

• Reproductive Rights: Working to ensure reproductive healthcare is
  comprehensive and secure.

• Safety: Addressing violence against women, especially through advocacy
  and prevention

• Equality: Working to eradicate discrimination in all forms.


The Woman of the Year and her family will be our guests at our Annual Meeting in September or October, where she will be presented with an original work of art to commemorate her accomplishments. 


The nomination form can be found here.