Ready to Run

10/13/2017  3:00 PM -  10/14/2017  5:00 PM  Fargo and Bismarck

What is Ready to Run™?

Ready to Run™ is a bi-partisan program for women who want to run for office, seek higher office, work on a campaign, get appointed to office, or learn more about the political system.

Ready to Run™ is your one-stop training on running for office or getting involved in public life. You will learn from prominent elected and appointed leaders, campaign consultants, party officials, and policy experts.

You will walk away with..

  • “How-to” instructions on running for office
  • Real-world advice and best practices from experts
  • Strategies for positioning yourself for public leadership
  • A better understanding of North Dakota politics
  • Internet strategies for campaigns


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Why women leaders matter...

Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) research shows that political women change the public policy agenda and the way government works. Women make our democracy more inclusive and more responsive to the concerns of all citizens.

About the North Dakota Women’s Network

The North Dakota Women’s Network is a statewide women’s advocacy organization whose mission is to improve the lives of women through communication, legislation and increased public activism.

Questions? Contact Caitlin at or 701-425-2915.